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how do you even function

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best friend: Sehun
first kiss: Baekhyun
walks you home: Xiumin
lab partner: Baekhyun
asks you to prom: Sehun
seat mate: Chen 
secret admirer: Suho
creepy stalker: Lay
teases you: Kai

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fabber than fab you.
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Anonymous: "where did you get the original for this /post/82846617533/the-lost-planet?"

from fy-exo, here~ image

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The Lost Planet.

Where do you want to go with your girlfriends? 
(trans by x )

here we have sehun being greasy as fuck

haziraheeteuk: "Hi, may I know which one of the concerts that EXO performed Black Pearl? I saw your gif images of it & god knows how I've been trying to find a video of that live performance. Mind sharing the link of it? Please & thank you!"

I know that it was during the SM WEEK when they performed Black Pearl but I used multiple videos for that gif set. None of them are full performance videos though :/ 

This is Sehun

This is Baekhyun and Kyungsoo

This one is both Kai and Luhan

But Mercydel, the girl that sent the videos to me to make this, sent me this video and it’s a full performance :) (it’s a focus cam though)

Black Pearl // gif set

 ↠ for Mercydel